Feed 400 NYC Asylum Seekers in 2018!

RIF Asylum Support wants to raise $2,000 to feed 400 asylum seekers at their food drives in 2018.

Asylum seekers arrive in NYC alone with no family ties or initial community support. They have to survive economically in one of the most expensive cities in the world, which often means deciding between paying for a room to sleep or a meal for the day.

Last winter, RIF met Latifah, a lesbian from Saudi Arabia, and her 17-year-old sister Adwa, who fled their arranged marriages and landed in New York without money, housing, food, or even winter coats. RIF supplied the girls with food and warm clothing, and connected Latifah to a farm fellowship at Brooklyn Grange and Adwa to a paid job training program, which then turned into a job at the Dutch restaurant in SoHo.

To keep giving asylum seekers like Latifah and Adwa a chance to lift themselves up, RIF starts with the basics: canned food. $10 buys a basic meal for two made of rice or pasta as well as vegetables or meat and sauce. Asylum seekers don’t see themselves as people who need handouts, but they are too often forced to make difficult sacrifices, including meals.

About RIF Asylum Support

RIF Asylum Support is a nonprofit that helps refugees seeking asylum in NYC get back on their feet. These are gays and lesbians who faced imprisonment for their sexual orientation, women who could not take anymore their husband’s abuse, and political activists tortured for their ideals.

RIF provides asylum seekers with access to job training, legal services and medical assistance. RIF offers paid fellowships in urban farming and green technology, hosts job fairs with employers in the food business, offers quick access to legal consultations and provides connections to support groups with medical and educational resources. During our support groups, RIF offers food packages donated by caring New Yorkers who want to make refugees feel at home in our city.

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